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Reclaim Control of Your Financial Future

At Mishiyeva Law, we work with individuals and small businesses to find debt relief solutions so they can get back on track with their finances. Through bankruptcy, loan modification, and other alternatives, we can help you avoid foreclosure, repossession, and stop your wages from being garnished.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed when you do not have enough money to pay your bills.  Creditors will pressure you to pay money you do not have. You may fear answering your phone or opening your mail.  You may have endured sleepless nights thinking of how to regain control of your finances. Thankfully, under current Bankruptcy laws, you can take control of your finances and enjoy a stress free financial future.  Hundreds of thousands of Americans and businesses– at all income levels – have filed for bankruptcy.  Hundreds of thousands more will need to file for bankruptcy in order to gain traction on their debt. You are not alone in your financial difficulty.  You can move forward. We invite you to schedule a free consultation in our Queens, Brooklyn or Manhattan office.

Stop Foreclosure, Repossession and Creditor Harassment

Once the attorneys at Mishiyeva Law file your bankruptcy petition, all creditor collection actions stop. Your creditors can no longer call you, send you collection notices, enforce judgments, garnish your wages, or take any other collection efforts against you or your assets.  If you are facing foreclosure, we can save your home.  Creditor harassment ends upon your decision to make a change and take control of your life.

Fair Fees and Payment Plans For NY Residents

At Mishiyeva Law we understand that people who are considering filing for bankruptcy have typically fallen on hard times.  We recognize that our clients are dealing with an extremely difficult situation and we strive to reduce the stress by giving them expert advice, a sound plan, and a sense of hope.  To that extent, we charge flat fees and offer payment plans. The last thing you need to worry about is how to pay your legal fees.

What We Can Offer You

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At Mishiyeva Law, we take pride in assisting people take advantage of their rights under bankruptcy laws.  We examine your matter thoroughly and make an assessment in order to bring forth the most favorable outcome.  We enjoy learning about each client’s unique situation and goals. Experience, dedication, and tenacity. Those are the three qualities you will notice when you retain lawyers of Mishiyeva Law, PLLC. We will walk you through the entire bankruptcy process and give you a clear sense of what to expect from inception until your matter is concluded.  Associate yourself with the right New York Bankruptcy Lawyer to tend to your case.  


With the plunging stock market, the struggling housing market and growing unemployment creating havoc for families across the state and the nation, we are there to be your advocate and your source for bankruptcy representation.

The next step you take will be your most important. Do you want financial clarity again? Do you want to hit the reset button on

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life? Are you ready to begin the rebuild that you have long awaited for? To start, give us a call and visit us at your earlier convince. We are create a road map and timetable of where we are table in order to extrapolate your needs for tomorrow. A New York Bankruptcy Lawyer isn’t just an asset when your in dire financial needs, they are a necessity. Envision this for yourself: No more debt, no more stress, and the moment of clarity in which you know everything will be okay and no matter what situation you find yourself in, everything will fall into place. That moment of relief is why we are here, on the clock, working nights and weekends to give your clients what they have long awaited for: normalcy. 

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For a free initial consultation with a New York Bankruptcy Attorney at Mishiyeva Law, PLLC., call (646) 736-6328 and schedule an appointment at our Downtown Manhattan office today. For those living in the boroughs we have offices in Queens & Brooklyn as well. The only obstacle holding you back from things being back to normal is yourself. Stop worrying and start living again. Contact us immediately so we can evaluate your case and begin the appropriate preparations to help you in discharging your debt. 

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